Food Medicine

By Lizzie Nichols I’ve been stressed out lately. My mom decided to pay me a visit and brought along a bottle of anti-depressants that she wanted me to take to get me through this period of change in my life. Much to her disappointment, I refused. My parents are of the generation that everything can […]

A Good Night’s Sleep for a Better Workout

By Lizzie Nichols A friend of mine called me the other day complaining of how little sleep she is getting. She’s up all night with her mind racing on things she needs to get done the next day or other stresses in her life at the moment. She said she’s lucky if she gets about […]

The importance and purpose of flexibility

Flexibility exercise and training gives the body the ability to achieve a wider range of motion. The joints as well as the muscles surrounding the joints can deteriorate and can only enjoy limited range of movement over time if seldom used. With exercise and regular training, the joints and surrounding muscles can become more flexible […]

Is Your Job Making You Fat? 5 Tips to Keep Away Those Unwanted Pounds

Are there doughnuts in the break room, candy jars at a colleague’s desk? Do you spend countless hours at your desk working on the computer? If this sounds like your workplace, then your job could be attributing to those pesky unwanted pounds on your body.  A recent report showed that almost half of those surveyed […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Exercise is more than just for good looks.  Engaging in some form of physical activity is essential to remaining healthy.  Here are several reasons why you should exercise. 1. Contributes to fat loss Several research studies have shown that physical exercise contributes to weight loss. If you burn more calories than you consume through exercise […]

Post Baby Ab Routine

Congrats to our clients who have just had a baby!! Having a baby is a beautiful and exciting thing. What is less beautiful and exciting, however, is the extra weight that hangs around the midsection after the baby has been born. The best way to go about shedding your baby bump is proper diet and […]

Flatter Abs by Spring

Spring is near. That means it is time to work on that little bulge that has been taking up residence around the midsection all winter. These several exercises can help you shed that excess turkey weight and flatten out that stomach in time for beach season. As with any workout routine, be sure to consult […]

Running Quotes

Running teaches all of us that goal-setting, persistence and tackling one mile at a time can lead to unimaginable achievements. Lessons are learned on the road, day by day, from personal feedback and experience. As Dr. Jeff Brown, a Harvard psychologist and an author of “The Winner’s Brain,” said: “Negotiating a marathon requires many of […]

Exercise for Stress

By Lizzie Nichols Things are changing in my life. I quit my job and am going to graduate school. This means moving out of my place by the end of the month, storing my furniture for the summer, and figuring out where I’m going to live and how I’m going to support myself when I […]