Flexibility exercise and training gives the body the ability to achieve a wider range of motion. The joints as well as the muscles surrounding the joints can deteriorate and can only enjoy limited range of movement over time if seldom used. With exercise and regular training, the joints and surrounding muscles can become more flexible and help support movement. Also, by increasing the joint’s ability to move, flexibility exercises aid in providing balance to various muscle groups during periods of exercise and physical activity.

If done regularly, flexibility training  can help improve a person’s physical performance by improving one’s range of movement. Putting joints through regular physical activity and stretching can improve their performance. Flexibility training along with stretching can help reduce muscle strain and soreness. Stretching exercises helps the muscles go through a slow and controlled but an increasing range of motion. This process allows the muscles to gradually adapt to strenuous physical activity. It helps lessen the risk of developing strain and soreness in the muscles used.

Flexibility exercises can also help improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation helps the nutrients to be transported through the tissues more efficiently and nourish the muscles. Those that  incorporate flexibility training will see increased flow of oxygen to the muscles to fuel it through physical exertion.

A regular flexibility and stretching exercises and training can also help increase the production of synovial fluid in the joints. This fluid acts as the joints lubrication fluid that lessens the friction between the joint’s moving parts.  The synovial fluid also helps transport the nutrients into the joint tissues.

Flexibility exercise and training is one of the most overlooked and often neglected form of fitness programs around thus increasing the risk for muscle strain and injury.  Make sure that you  stretch before and after your workouts. If you have a personal trainer, make sure they incorporate stretching as a part of your fitness program.