Valasco Smith

This is an image“It’s all about your CORE BALANCE to achieving a healthy, physical fit lifestyle Mentally & Externally.” – Valasco D. Smith, NFPT, National Fitness Personal Trainer, Atlanta, GA.

Valasco, a native of Florida, has committed to fitness since the age of 17 by balancing the enjoyment and participation in both high school track & field and weight lifting competitions. He had a natural drive and talent to succeed in both divisions by becoming a state champion all in his senior year.

Therefore, his natural talent led him on to junior college. While in college, Coach Gene McDowell at Florida State saw this talented young man with speed and talent while playing a leisure game of flag football. He had never trained in football during his early developmental years of fitness.
However, his talents began his training career simultaneously along with his college career by training as an assistant coach during off-season for both football and track for a high school team

while experiencing drooling training at Pratt Junior College in both sports division. Later, Valasco transferred the remaining of his college sports career to Wichita State University in Kansas. He continued to excel in both sports divisions. He ranked #25 in the World of Track & Field as a top sprinter.

In 1989, he was drafted by the San Diego Chargers. Unfortunately, an injury shortened his professional career in football. With a positive attitude and fearless focus to continue toward fitness, Valasco went on to compete in major body building competitions competing from 1997 to 2001. He became a Pro Builder by 1998. He had maintained an undefeated title for three years in a row, 1999-2001 as the Super Natural Body Building Federation as “Best Overall” in show in addition to his size category winnings. Within this time period, Valasco was inspired to make his fitness talents professional by becoming a NFPT (National Fitness Personal Trainer).

Presently, Valasco has been a professional fitness trainer for over 20 years. He currently runs his own training consulting business as “High Energy Fitness” aligning his talents with H.E.A.T. an Outstanding Training Facility where the Best Believe in themselves and train with the Best Trainers with excellent successful training records like Valasco. If you don’t believe in yourself when you begin with Valasco, you will finish with a confidence that will gleam into the next room if you give it your all to complete his CORE BALANCE Training program.

Valasco trains all types of clients from stay- home mom, elderly, athletes and everyday professionals and executives. He also trains with clients from Physical Therapists as part their rehabilitation program.

The Valasco Training Method: CORE BALANCE TRAINING
Valasco is a strong believer that the Core Balance of the body will enable us to live a stronger productive physical fit life style that will aid us in our life journey of success no matter what goals and adversities we endure.

His CORE BALANCE training consists of the following:

Intensive Circuit Training: To aid in weight loss, strengthen body core, stamina, endurance and build lean body muscle mass.

Weight Resistant Training: To aid in weight loss, strengthen body core, stamina and build lean body muscle mass.

Speed Training: To increase speed, agility and stamina. To increase running speed for running competitions and independent leisure running from beginners to professional.

Nutritional Make-over: While Valasco refers his clients to professional nutritionists to assist with their nutrition make-over, he will walk the aisles of the Grocery market while introducing you to the fabulous food choices and ways to avoid the temptations while participating in his Core Balance program. He will carefully sit down and assist with how often your body will need to refuel to achieve your fitness goals successfully. While in his CORE BALANCE training, he will make assessments as you continue to progress towards your fitness goals.

Each morning you wake up to make decisions. Choose TODAY, to wake-up and choose a Healthy Life Style by training with Valasco and his CORE BALANCE Method at H.E.A.T.
Remember, “No Gain, No Pain will enable you to only REMAIN the Same.”- Valasco D. Smith, National Fitness Personal Trainer.

Insured by Sports and Fitness Incorporation & CPR Certified. Appointed Testing Official.
Education: Pratt Junior College & Wichita State University
Degree: Education Sports & Business

Contact Information:
Valasco D. Smith, NFPT
678 521 7345