Obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from Georgia Southern University in 1998. Life long Athlete and devote physical fitness enthusiast, Soje began training in 1997 while still attending college. After graduation, he moved to Atlanta to begin his career in personal fitness training at SportsLife/Crunch in summer of 1998.

In 1999, He moved into a private facility and began his business under Ascension Enterprises, Inc. After many trends and the study of many philosophies, Mr. White found a successful and unique technique that helped him and his clients change lifestyles and stay fit. By using a combination of cardiovascular exercise, plyometrics and weight training he was able to achieve results that people were unable to attain with other trainers or by themselves.

This and an increase in clientele are the principle reasons he opened H.E.A.T.
Here he was able to create an environment where his ideals and philosophies could be shared to a growing community without restraints or negativity and where others could also grow and express themselves.

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