Marcus Brandon

This is an imageMarcus lives by the mantra, “See it before you do it.” It has helped him achieve his own personal goals such as becoming internationally ranked as a power lifter. By creating a mental picture of what you seek to attain, the goal takes on a tangible form that motivates you to perform. This is the same approach Marcus uses to help his clients achieve their fitness goals.

At the University of New York in Buffalo, Marcus received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, jump starting his career in fitness. His background in football and track in high school helped him realize the benefits of staying in shape including reliving stress, increasing energy and looking good. After building his academic background and receiving practical experience, Marcus’s interest in learning more about how emotions and behaviors motivate clients lead him to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University in Atlanta.

Marcus’s clients span a wide age range and come from many different fitness levels. He has worked with those who just want to get in shape and individuals who have very specific body
building goals. Because he is certified in personal training, stretching, and post rehab therapy, he can successfully design programs for clients with various needs. He makes sure that each session is enjoyable, fun and most of all, goal oriented. This process begins with visualizing the end result before training begins: seeing it before it’s done.