Is Your Job Making You Fat? 5 Tips to Keep Away Those Unwanted Pounds

Are there doughnuts in the break room, candy jars at a colleague’s desk? Do you spend countless hours at your desk working on the computer? If this sounds like your workplace, then your job could be attributing to those pesky unwanted pounds on your body.  A recent report showed that almost half of those surveyed indicated they gained weight while at their current job.  You can avoid weight gain at work with these 5 tips.

Workout Smarter not Harder
Studies show that breaking up cardiovascular routines is just as effective as one continuous session.  Therefore split up your routines between morning and evening bouts. The key is to maintain moderate intensity during each bout.  Try to be active while at work. Do exercises or stretches at your desk. Switch to taking the stairs than using the elevator. Work on a high or top floor. Get off a few floors below your floor an walk up.  If you can , go for a 15 minute walk at lunch.  The bottom line is to keep moving.  Try to do something active every 2 hours or so.

Plan Ahead
The more you plan ahead the more successful you will be with weight loss. This is true for both exercise and nutrition.  Know what days you are going to workout and stick with it.  Bring your lunch to work and plan what you are going to have for dinner each day.  This reduces the number of times you eat oversized portions of high calorie fast food.  If you have to eat out for lunch, research the healthy options on the menu.  Lastly, have healthy snacks available at your desk and bring them to meetings were food will be provided.
Eat Regularly
Eating regularly includes eating breakfast.  Breakfast can set the tone for the day. Eating a healthy breakfast with protein and healthy carbohydrates will energize you and fire up your metabolism.  Don’t skip meals. Try to eat every 3 hours. This helps to avoid mindless eating at your desk or overeating at next meal.

Breathe…. Sleep… Woo-Sa!
Stress hormones have been shown to contribute to weight gain when their levels are elevated.  Again get up and move around while at work.  Take walking breaks to get fresh air. Fresh air has many benefits including aiding in digestion, improves mood and will give you more energy.  Getting enough sleep helps our bodies process and store carbohydrates properly.  Sleep also aids in memory functions, prevention of chronic diseases and mood

Avoid Pitfalls of Happy Hour and Work Parties
The best thing to do before going to a happy hour or work party is eat and hydrate before you go.  This reduces the urge to overeat or drink while there.  Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause over eating through blood sugar levels.  Instead of consuming high calorie libations try lower calorie options like Gin and Tonic, Vodka and Sprite and Mojito and wines like Chardonay and Pinot Grigio.