Curbing my Sweet Tooth

By Lizzie Nichols

I have a severe addiction to sugar. I love it. And I don’t just love candy and chocolate, but I love pasta and white rice and pretty much all simple carbohydrates.  I think moderation is an excellent rule to live by; however, for me the pendulum really needs to swing in the opposite direction for a while before I can try moderation. Since the holidays were packed with sugary gifts and treats that are hard to resist, I decided to give up sugar for one of my New Years’ resolutions. So far I’ve done well this month except for this past weekend, but I’m back on track today.

Cutting out sugar is harder than you think because it’s really in everything. Take a look at the labels on your foods, and you’ll be surprised. Basically if it is processed in any way, it probably has added sugar. This goes back to the idea of only shopping the perimeter of the grocery store.

Sugar has definitely gotten a bad reputation in the last few years with diabetes and obesity on the rise. If those things don’t scare you into monitoring you sugar intake, check out this list: http://nancyappleton.com/141-reasons-sugar-ruins-your-health/

Basically I’ve cut out the obvious things like chocolate, cake and candy, but I’ve also really watched the labels. I’ve switched yogurts to one that has less sugar than my favorite Greek yogurt. And I’ve been loading up on vegetables at meals.

I’m not sure how long I’ll go without sugar (at least till the end of the month), but I did find that list alarming. If disease and premature aging doesn’t worry you, check out #135…yikes!

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